Values-Led was founded in 2004 and we have been using the same business formula to ensure both our individual clients and corporate clients become financially stronger based on a set of values we deeply believe in.

Your first year

We believe in laying a strong foundation during your first year of running your consultancy business with us.

After 1st year

we will guide and support to curve our your niche whether you preferred to work exclusively with institution clients, international clients, high net worth clients, mass affluent clients or mass market clients we’re there to support you.

Raffles Provident LLP is an established General Insurance (GI) agency, specialised in catering to the insurance needs of companies, as well as High Networth Individuals. At Raffles Provident, we believe in providing the best advisory work in General Insurance with integrity by putting YOUR interest before ours. In fact, we are not so concerned about the anticipated risks. Like you, we are more concerned about risks that you might not be prepared to manage or undertake.

When discussing employee’s potential employment packages, it’s not just the salary that counts. The additional employee benefits also add value to the employment packages, increasing the attractiveness as it reflects that employers are finding ways to support their employees. Singapore is no exception. Here are the top 10 employee benefits Singaporeans look for.

In the 2 days you learn from many senior folks that family became enemy not because of money. It’s because the allocation of the resources wasn’t plan and execute properly. I personal witness a lady who has suffered bone cancer for more than a decade is not only fighting for survival, she actually wanted to donate her resources to 3 nephews & 4 charity. Let’s learn to appreciate our loved ones and our health better starting from now.

A compilation of four books written by Andrew Ang for Singaporeans, learn from Master Wealth Coach Andrew Ang as he details down in this quadrilogy the importance and intricacies of getting estate planning and advance medical care planning complete in Singapore! Inspired to write this series out of his efforts to provide for his autistic child right till his death and beyond, this quadrilogy goes beyond writing a will in order for estate planning to be complete. What happens if you are still alive, yet because of a terminal illness, you became incapacitated? Who has the right to make a decision on your behalf? And given so, what kind of care do you want? And how are you going to make sure that your wishes are honoured if this really happens? With detailed guidance from Andrew Ang, he will take your estate plan and advance medical care planning to a whole new level, giving you and your family peace of mind when something like this happens in your life. What will be covered in this quadrilogy: Will and Trust Insurance Nomination and CPF Nomination Schedule of Assets & Liability Financial summary of Investment and Insurance Letter of Wishes (or Letter of Intent) Letter for your loved ones Lasting Power of Attorney Advanced Medical Directive Hospice Care Plan Palliative Care Plan


20% of your activities will account for 80% of your results.


20% of the clients contribute to 80% of the financial numbers


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Andrew is an insurance professional who exemplifies customer fair dealings through highly ethical standards and processes of understanding his customers needs and making appropriate recommendations with a follow up service second to none. Andrew is highly experienced and uses his years of service to ensure all his customers are able to be completely assured they have received the right advice for their needs. I had the pleasure of observing and admiring Andrews insurance practice when I was CEO of HSBC insurance Singapore and when I moved into regional leadership roles. I have never had any cause to be anything other than a strong supporter of Andrew and I recommend him highly

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