Selection Interview


Phase 2

Selection Interview

  • Personal Motivation Test & Detailed Enneagram Personality Profiler
  • Career Path
  • Compensation
  • Transition Expectation
  • Expenses Planning

The Enneagram Personality Test is widely used for: 


Coach people to go beyond the personality limitations will prevent them from performing at their best. This test would help in developing their mental, emotional, and behavioral flexibility. Through this, they will be able to overcome deep-rooted personality obstacles.


By doing this test, you will be able to gain a deeper understanding of yourself. To understand what motivates you, how would obstruct yourself unconsciously, and what holds you back.

See yourself through a third perspective. To understand how other people perceive you and learn about things that you have never realized before.


It is vital that you encourage embracing differences in teams and companies by building inclusiveness and synergy and promoting diversity.


How To Determine What Drives You

Determining what’s driving you forward and what it is that you’re busting a gut for will help you set more achievable and meaningful goals

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Now that you have completed phase 2 of our interview, you will receive notification from us shortly to proceed on to phase 3: In-Depth Interview.

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