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I’ll be frank with you. There are many untold stories that I wasn’t ready to share back in the past. But these stories have played critical roles in my entrepreneurship journey, and so I thought of sharing with all of my readers my side of the story as a means to help them make better decisions, and hence have a more stable recovery from their tough times.

I wrote this book in a time of an economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, where we expect more companies to stop hiring, which will cause a large shortage of jobs. Even if the pandemic did not happen, I see that there is a high failure rate in entrepreneurship. It can be caused by a confluence of factors, many of them which are a result of not understanding the spirit of entrepreneurship well. With more understanding comes a higher chance of success in the long run. By increasing the success rate of entrepreneurship, more people will be able to find a job.

This is a book about HOPES, DREAMS and PASSION. A book that can inspire and motivate new entrepreneurs to take the first step into their very own journey of success.

What’s the value of this book?

Lessons are usually taught from the perspectives of teachers, but you might have your own perceptions of various issues too. Hence, I would rather you view entrepreneurship as a journey wholly based on experiments and experience.

Others may pass on their experiences to you by sharing their tips and stories, where they have conducted life experiments to show you what works, and what doesn’t. However, only you will be able to find out the answer that belongs to you.

You have to try. And then, you have to constantly reflect about what you did in order to improve your own experience in entrepreneurship, or anything else in life in particular.

Choices are made by YOU, and ONLY YOU.

Our Goal

To begin with, we have no intentions to get any profits from this project. We are hoping that with the release of this book, individuals with the passion and dream of starting their own business can finally gather enough courage and reason to take the very first step into their entrepreneurship journey. However, it will definitely be great if readers, like YOU, can help to spread the words of our effort by recommending or sharing this project to your friends and family. And it only takes less than a minute to do so! We will be thankful and grateful if you could do so.

With the launch of this book, we aim to educate individuals on the idea of “entrepreneurship”. More often than not, you will come across advertisements that promotes entrepreneurship as a way to get rich fast. But the cold hard truth is that starting a business is never and will never be easy. Therefore, we hope to guide you through the fundamental business concepts and skills in starting your very own business.

Apart from that, we are also proud to share that as part of this project, we will be giving back to the local community by conducting workshops to help educate the needy on essential and fundamental business skills. Some selected partners in this project includes:

1. Dignity Kitchen :
2. Mediacorp SGEnable Fund :


How can you support us in our journey?

We will be honored and thankful if you could show us your support by either sharing this meaningful project with your friends and family or you could directly contribute to this project by donating to our kickstarter programme. Like we have mentioned earlier on, we will be contributing all proceeds earned to selected organisations that aims to help the society develop and grow. Every share, like and comment will help in our journey to reach more hearts of locals in terms of caring for the society and learning entrepreneurship. Without your support, we will not be able to fulfil the desired impact on the community, therefore we sincerely hope that you can help to spread the word of our actions to your friends and family. Every donation and post can greatly change the ultimate outcome of this meaningful project. So let’s take action be it starting your business or loving the community!

We sincerely thank you for your support and love.

About The Average A.C.E.

Adversity Creates Extraordinary

I decided to write and launch this book during an economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic as I expect companies to stop hiring resulting in more individuals becoming unemployed. I foresee that this could potentially lead to more individuals turning towards entrepreneurship as an alternative means. However, to pursue a journey of entrepreneurship is no easy feat. Therefore, I seek to empower these budding entrepreneurs with essential knowledge and values through this book to increase their chance of success in the long run.

Despite the pandemic, I hope that through my book, I can reach out to both new and existing entrepreneurs who are struggling or even starting out and provide them the guidance in such difficult times.

So, I have prepared a short doodle video below to give you a glimpse of what you can expect from my book.

About Our Previous Book

Impacting Lives, Inspiring Many

I am so grateful for the support I have received in the first series of estate planning books I released a few years back. After getting feedbacks from my readers, I notice that my book did impact many lives which is why it has motivated me to push forward and release a new book on entrepreneurship this year. In the previous estate planning series, I saw my valuable content changed my readers’ lives and I hope that in this new fresh content, I will be able to further inspire my audience with positive and useful materials to guide them forward in their entrepreneurship journey. I also hope that many more people can discover the importance of estate planning in my previous book with topics ranging from will drafting to asset management to care plan services. All of which can play a major role in the management of your personal finances. Therefore, I strongly urge you to share this book with your friends and family so that they can also benefit from this piece of valuable content.

With the launch of our new Entrepreneurship Book: The Average A.C.E., I would like to hereby thank all the supporters of my previous book. Here’s a short thank you video that I have personally prepared to show my deepest gratitude to all my clients, friends and family. And I hope that in this new journey of inspiring new entrepreneurs, I can once again earn your support to make this project a successful one. Once again, THANK YOU!

About Our Crowdfunding

I’m pleased to share that my Kickstarter campaign is successfully funded in less than 6 days!

I will continue to press on as any sum of money raised above $5,000 will be used to fund activities aiming for entrepreneurship or job creation activities. To thank people who have supported me over that past 6 days, I’m going to present an awesome gift which is my own invention – a digital online Will drafting to help you draft your own DIY Will complimentary. For those who funded me with at least $50, you will receive a new Li-Ning Backpack. For those who funded me with at least $1,000, I’m pleased to share that we will be onboarding a beautiful boat with a cabin for a trip out. See here for the video on the backpack and the boat.

If you want to back me in the next 24 days with Kickstarter, I will definitely look into extending this to you. I personally do not believe in using gifts to lure people, therefore I won’t be making any promises here. I certainly won’t  want to disappoint you, I will definitely personally take out my personal savings to help to support the cause of Changing lives and creating jobs. I welcome your sponsorship if you like to be part of this. Every single cent to back me will be channel for good cause, which is to create impact and to change lives, aiming to help to create more job opportunities.

I’m feeling very thankful and honored to receive an endorsement, support, and backing from you guys.

Do you know abt my new book *The Average A.C.E.*? Aim to be part of the job creation in S’pore. This video introduces you more about my initiatives and how I add value & help changing LIVES ( ** and ** ). 

I aim to get 300 people to sign up for my Kickstarter crowdfunding project, can you please join me and be 1 of them?

I wanted to assure you that many people will benefit from this project like my previous Kickstarter campaign where I’ve invented a few estate planning tools including two digital tools which are mobile APP & Online DIY Auto Will. Hundreds of needy people received sponsorship to do up their Will, Lasting Power of Attorney, and Advance Medical Directive in the process.

When I was working on the plan to write this book, I conducted two digital marketing courses and sponsored some of the business owners. I spent three days training them on how to create websites, run Google and Facebook advertisements as well as a few other key digital marketing strategies. Thankfully, I received positive feedback for the two courses that I did.

Moving forward, I hope to continue this entrepreneurship sponsorship journey by running webinars to cover relevant business management topics on

  1. Creating a mobile APP and create a system for your new start-up
  2. Human resource management system
  3. Finance for people without a finance background
  4. How to cultivate good habits to ensure balance in work, health and family
  5. Applying NLP on coaching and training
  6. Tax filing for a business owner
  7. Digital marketing strategies

Please do not keep this as a secret for yourself, please help share this with your loved ones and friends on the launch of my new book. Let’s come together and embark on a happier and more fulfilling entrepreneurship journey. Thank you.

Here’s a video with a summary of the 3 steps to support me on Kickstarter (

P.s. can support me with a small kopi/ tea cost (only $2) to back me in my Kickstarter PLS,

Thank you!

With your support and recognition, we believe that we will be able to touch the burning passion of many new entrepreneurs who have yet to take the first step to purse their dreams. We hope that the launch of our book will encourage and push those that are still hesitating to start their business. Once again, we thank you for your support and we are glad to be part of your journey in reaching your life goals!



We are funded with $7,250, thank you for your support and you might like to get a copy of my book to read! 


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