In-Depth Interview


Phase 3

In-Depth Interview

  • Vision & Values of FC
  • Project 100
  • Office Visit
  • Management Interview
  • Reference Check

“Practice Golden-Rule 1 of Management in everything you do.
Manage others the way you would like to be managed.”
– Brian Tracy 

Activity Management System

There is a saying “Look after the activity and the sales will take care of themselves”.
• Sales-related activities are crucial to success. Without them, there will be no sale. The tools here will help to monitor your activity on a monthly, weekly and daily basis.
• With this, you can determine whether or not you are doing enough of the right activities. By monitoring your activity on a regular basis, appropriate and timely measures can be put in place to improve performance.

When We Set A Goal, We Have A Dream…
When We Start To Plan, Our Dream Becomes Possible.

When We Schedule It AndDo It Everyday,
Our Dream Becomes Reality!

Therefore, as part of our efforts to enhance your operations, we are happy to share with you the documents below…

It is typical for firms to endorse a transactional philosophy, where cash and employment benefits are compensated for hours of service. But we believe that there are more that could be done for our relationship – that is to say, having a culture of helping you in achieving the things you want in life, rather than only seeking for the services you can offer to us.

Our team’s mission focuses on the acquisition, support, and development of high quality people. This is our overriding objective that sets the benchmark for the various duties we carry out.

Therefore, we deliberately asked you to pen down the exact things you want in life, so that we can keep track of your progress in your aspirations. We strongly believe that our firm’s success is a product of your success in achieving your hopes and dreams.

Good Job! Moving On...

Now that you have completed phase 3 of our interview, you will receive notification from us shortly to proceed on to phase 4: Final Interview.

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