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The Average A.C.E. is a book filled with important concepts and values that every entrepreneur should possess. It will equip you with the necessary knowledge and provide you with real-life examples so that you will know what to expect as you embark on your journey towards entrepreneurship. Be the first to have this book!

The Average A.C.E. is:

Insightful and thought-provoking. The business world is not all sunshine and rainbow. In fact, 90% of businesses never actually make it. This book can help to push you to become that 10%.

Reality-based. It is based on the experience of a self-made entrepreneur who is also the managing partner of Raffles Provident LLP and Wealth Coach LLP. On top of that, he is the founder of a life insurance agency and have appeared numerous times on local magazines, newspaper and TV interviews. In this meaningful journey, he aims to empower people with life skills and having over 15 years of training experience, he is confident in creating an impact in people lives.

A book that all entrepreneurs should read before they set up their business.

This book is chockful of useful tips and insights, and is a must-read, not only for those in business but anyone who has the courage to embrace adversity.

Kenny Yap

Qian Hu Corporation Limited

There are tons of entrepreneurship books out there,
what makes The Average A.C.E. different?

For starters, our main goal of this project is to PAY-IT-FORWARD. Buy a copy of the book and we will deliver to the needy!

Our published book can be a valuable resource as we intend to run workshops for needy people to educate them on the essential, fundamental business and entrepreneurship skills. This includes people from orphanages, individuals suffering from mental health conditions, and physical challenges. This ordinary book will create extra value to make their lives extraordinary. We aim to partner with Dignity Kitchen and Mediacorp SGEnable Fund as part of our journey in giving back to society, helping them to master the skill & knowledge on entrepreneurship with this book. I am just doing good to benefit our local community focusing on entrepreneurship, let’s pay it forward together.

On top of that, this book was written in the hopes to empower more individuals to become successful entrepreneurs. It does not consist of just theoretical concepts; it also has the element of realism as it consists of personal insights that I have accumulated through my 20+ years of entrepreneurship. The personal examples shared in the book would provide you with a behind-the-scenes view of entrepreneurship. It is no easy journey.

Here’s a video about the four books I have published previously. With your strong support, we have created a lot of meaningful activities and impacted many lives. We aim to duplicate this massive life-impacting experience in our new book, The Average A.C.E.

The Average A.C.E. consist of the knowhows of:

  • Finding your passion
  • Finding your unique selling proposition
  • Developing a strong marketing plan
  • Front-facing customer skills
  • Digitizing your business
  • Taxes and other law-related matters
  • Human resource management
  • Accounting matters
  • Cash Flow management
  • Accumulating your Business Wealth
  • Maintaining the optimum financial discipline
  • Persistence and courage
  • Good business habits and practices

These are the values and concepts that all entrepreneurs should possess!

What do I mean by A.C.E. in the book title?

While “Ace” is commonly used to refer to someone who excels at a subject, “ACE” can also be an acronym for “Adversity Creates Extraordinary”. My book will be another one of those life story examples that show that with desire and effort, comes results. However, this journey will be really tough, as seen in the chapters of my book. It is because of all these adversities that I’ve encountered in the past, that I was able to become the ace that I am today.

Why did I write this book?

I’ll be frank with you. There are many untold stories that I wasn’t ready to share back in the past. But these stories have played critical roles in my entrepreneurship journey, and so I thought sharing my side of the story would be a means to help my readers make better decisions.

I wrote this book in a time of an economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, where we expect companies to stop hiring resulting in more individuals becoming unemployed. I foresee that this would lead to more people turning towards entrepreneurship as an alternative means. However, to pursue a journey of entrepreneurship is no easy feat. Therefore, I seek to empower these budding entrepreneurs with essential knowledge and values through this book to increase their chance of success in the long run.

Risks and Challenges

Fear not! This is already the second Kickstarter project that I am working on and I am quite familiar with the entire book publishing and shipping process. This book has already been written and is currently going through final rounds of editing. I do not foresee any potential challenges apart from potential shipping delays.

As my partners and I are believers of an open and honest communication, we would keep all of our backers updated if we face any unexpected delays or challenges. We are confident that the books would reach your hands in time for the Christmas Holidays.

Rewards and Benefits

Pledge S$ 2 or more

Thank you for supporting!

Pledge S$ 15 or more

eBook + Token

This is for all of you e-readers out there who prefer to read the book on an electronic device. You’ll receive a digital copy of the book + a customized bookmark.


  • Customized Bookmark
  • eBook

Pledge S$ 20 or more (Limited 50)

Early Bird Special

As part of being the first 50 backers, you’ll receive the book at a super discounted price + the digital copy of the book + a customized bookmark.


  • Customized Bookmark
  • eBook
  • Book

Pledge S$ 30 or more

Book + eBook

For those of you who have missed the Early Bird Special, you’ll receive the book + the digital copy of the book + a customized bookmark.


  • Customized Bookmark
  • eBook
  • Book

Pledge S$ 40 or more

Signed Book with Message

For those special folks, I’ll personally write some additional words of wisdom (Andrew’s Advise) in your book to further help you with your business. You’ll receive a signed book + digital copy of the book + a customized bookmark.


  • Customized Bookmark
  • eBook
  • Signed Book with Message

Pledge S$ 50 or more

One of You, One for Your Friend

Have a friend that is also embarking on the journey of entrepreneurship? This is the option for you! You will receive 1 Signed Book + 1 Book for your friend + The digital copy of the book + 2 customized bookmarks.


  •  Customized Bookmark
  • Signed Book
  • Book
  • eBook

Pledge S$ 250 or more

1hr “Build-your-Business” Workshop

Want to set up your own business but do not know where to start? This level is for you. Through a 1hr video chat, I will give you a rundown on all there is to know as you begin your journey of entrepreneurship. You’ll also receive the entire “One for You, One for Your Friend” package. (Note: The video call must be scheduled at a mutually agreeable time within 12 months after this Kickstarter campaign ends.)


  •  Customized Bookmark
  • Signed Book
  • Book
  • eBook
  • 1hr “Build-your-Business” Workshop

Pledge S$ 1,000 or more

Live “Build-your-Business” Consultation

For you crazy generous supporters, I will personally travel over to give you some personal and insightful advice on your business. You’ll also receive 1 Signed Book for you + 9 books for your colleagues + the digital copy of the book + 10 customized bookmarks + 3 days digital marketing video workshop by Andrew (Note: Travel expenses are not included and the consultation must be scheduled at a mutually agreeable time within 18 months after this Kickstarter campaign ends.)


  • 10× Customized Bookmark
  • eBook
  •  Book
  • Signed Book
  • Personal “Build-your-Business” Consultation
  • 3 days digital marketing video workshop by Andrew

Live Updates

Launch of Kickstarter

Hi, I am excited to share with you that my crowdfunding project will be live soon! Join and support me in this meaningful project. With the launch of my new book: The Average A.C.E., I hope to inspire and motivate new entrepreneurs in their journey. Therefore, I will be looking forward in earning your support in this fulfilling and meaningful journey. The launch will be on the 1st of August and I will also be hosting a live stream to meet you guys “in person”. See you soon and here’s the kick-starter campaign site.

More about my book:

How to support us on Kickstarter?

Step 1: Click on the url link or search for the key words The Average A.C.E. in the Kickstarter page;

Step 2: Click on the reward you wish to support/ back and register yourself with either Facebook/ Apple or sign up as an user. Kickstarter need those information to ensure the seller honor the promise.

Step 3: Payment via credit card to confirm your backing/ support.

Thank you so much!

Entrepreneurship Kickstarter

Here’s a tip to share about what sort of preparation can you before launching into an Entrepreneurship Idea your friend jio you or you have been thinking about. Here’s what you can do to prepare yourself better.

Maybe you like to start a high tech organic farm in Singapore. Other than high capital and human talents, we also want to know whether do we really like the lifestyle of an organic farmer.

Let me use my organic gardening as an example to share how you can start to experience lifestyle of an entrepreneur before jumping on it and burning away your hard earned saving.

I did this organic gardening for the past six months and I realized there’s a few things most Singaporean don’t like to do which is:

  1. Dirty your hands. Can you hold the earthworm or black soldier fly with or without the gloves?
  2. Can you think out of the box instead of copying or using other people ideas which might not be practical at all or too expensive in Singapore?
  3. Do you enjoy the lifestyle as it might become betic or demanding from time to time?

I did this mosquito net thingy and I am also experimenting how to turbo fed my plants with high nutrients like calcium, nitrogen, fertilizer and etc. Check this out on grinding the egg shells to powder form, extract calcium and spray it with water to the plant. This is my own invention, do you think you will be able to do it?

My story

Good morning Singapore!

My name is Andrew, a father of three children and a businessman running a few businesses.
As you know, I’m not the most successful business owner or entrepreneur in Singapore, so why am I writing this book? To be honest, I’m probably the last person in Singapore to even qualify to write this book given my background & growing up. I’d think I have zero chance to even survive as an entrepreneur. My true motivation is that if I can do it, probably most of us in Singapore can also do it. Entrepreneurship need not be for the few in Singapore, it can be for more of us.

My new book on entrepreneurship is being published to improve Singapore’s entrepreneurial success rate and reduce unemployment rate. I feel growing up feeling myself is a failure & still can make it, therefore I wanted to share what are the important tips you can benefit to become better at managing your start-up.

The recent news reported that Singapore’s jobless rate has reached the highest in 10 years. Due to the global pandemic impact, this is an era of adversity and difficulty. Many entrepreneurs have gone bust or struggling, companies are filing bankruptcies, and more and more people are losing their jobs. Therefore, as a seasoned Singaporean entrepreneur, I’ve decided to write this book to share my experiences on how I overcame the difficulties and made a success. I sincerely hope this book can help more Singaporeans brave these challenges and improve the economy of Singapore.

The title is “The Average A.C.E.”, and “A.C.E.” stands for “adversities create extraordinary”. Just like the title, this book is about how to become a successful entrepreneur when there is adversity. This is extremely useful during the global pandemic period when the time is difficult and the economy is bad. I’m very fortunate to have Mr. Kenny Yap, chairman of Qian Hu Corp to write a foreword. I’m also grateful to receive confirmation that there will be book recommendations from the founders of Singlife, Fintech life insurance & iDoc Telemedicine. Mr. Kenny Yap is a wise entrepreneur who drove the biggest transformation of the company Qian Hu when his business suffered a huge loss.

Our published book can be a valuable resource as we intend to run workshops for needy people to educate them on the essential, fundamental business and entrepreneurship skills. This includes people from orphanages, individuals suffering from mental health conditions and physical challenges. We also plan to partner with Dignity Kitchen and Mediacorp SGEnable Fund as part of our journey in giving back to the society.

If you are interested in learning more about the book, feel free to email me for further details.

Thank you very much for watching this!

Changing Lives, Creating Jobs

By author of an Entrepreneurship book, The Average A.C.E.

Good morning Singapore!

I’m feeling very thankful and honor to receive endorsement, support and backing from you guys. On the first day, it was 40% funded and In just a few days, the project is already more than 60% funded. I’m thankful mentors like Mr Goh Eng Koon, Dr TAN Poh Kiang and Mr CC Lim are the first three people that kick started this. I’m thankful that even some unfamiliar youngsters like Melody and Mark also funded this project. Thank you!

Many of my good friends like Wei How, Mei Pheng, Val, Sherrie, Johnny, Tian Sing, James, Lawrence, Fong Chun, Felix, Srajit and Samuel came forward to back me.

I wanted to assure you that like my previous book Kickstarter campaign, I’ve invented a few estate planning tools including two digital tools which are mobile APP & Online DIY Auto Will. Hundreds of needy people received sponsorship to do up their Will, Lasting power of Attorney and Advance Medical Directive.

When I was working on the plan to write this book, I conducted two digital marketing courses and sponsored some of the business owners. I spend three days training the biz owners on how to create websites, run Google adv and Facebook adv as well as a few other key digital marketing strategies. Thankfully, I received positive feedback for the two courses that I did.

Moving forward, I hope to continue this entrepreneurship sponsorship journey by running webinars to cover relevant business management topics on

  • Creating mobile APP
  • Human resource management system
  • Finance for non finance people
  • How to cultivate good habits to ensure balance in work, health and family
  • Applying NLP on coaching and training
  • Tax filing for business owner
  • Digital marketing strategies

Please do not keep this as a secret for yourself, please help share this with your loved ones and friends on the launch of my new book. Let’s come together and embark on a happier and more fulfilling entrepreneurship journey. Once again, thank you!

Crowdfunding Progression

Thank you for your support and generosity to back me for my new book publishing!

Our Final Goal - Create Awareness

My final goal is to reach 300 backings in order to achieve the impact on entrepreneurship in our local community and so far, we only managed to receive support from 58 backers, we are almost halfway there. With only two weeks left on my crowdfunding campaign, I would sincerely like to invite you to support me in this meaningful project as there are going to be a lot of benefits and rewards waiting for you. This will also increase job opportunities in Singapore benefiting the local economy.

Some of you might wonder why I aim to reach out to 300 individuals in this project? Many entrepreneurship projects only educate people on the process of starting a business. However, in this journey, I hope to create a sense of awareness for entrepreneurship be it encouraging new individuals to step into this “entrepreneurship game” or providing guidance to existing entrepreneurs to assist them in their journey to success. Despite having to reach my Kickstarter goal in just merely 6 days, I value the impact of my project more than just the monetary value raised in this campaign. Therefore, I want to let you know I will stay focused on my plan, a plan to reach out to 300 individuals in this project to create a greater impact on our local entrepreneurship community. With comparison to the millions of people in our workforce, I believe that touching the hearts of 300 individuals is definitely a possible and realistic goal to set for this meaningful project. This is less than 0.0001 of the workers in Singapore.

Apart from creating impact, I plan on connecting like-minded individuals who are passionate about entrepreneurship to provide them the information they seek to start their journey. With this goal of 300 backers, I believe that I can reach out to a significant number of people where we can then create a friendly and enriching community of entrepreneurs. Along with my sharing, we can achieve greater results by equipping these individuals with the right skill sets and knowledge to start their very own business, which in turn creates more jobs for our local community. Hence, with this goal in mind, we will be able to create a positive impact on our local economy. Let’s come together to create an impact, and ultimately see more jobs created in Singapore.

Talking about my goals, I noticed that some of you are confused about my crowdfunding project. We are not asking for a physical commitment but instead, a simple and small pledge of just $2 is all it takes to support me in this meaningful journey.

As I mentioned, it takes only $2 to back me up in this campaign and I’m wondering what’s stopping people? Do you mind giving me some feedback or advice on how I can persuade people to back me up?

My Inspiration - The untold story

Hi friends and fellow backers!

In this stream, I would like to share with you a glimpse of the content in my book: The Average A.C.E. For those of you that are new to this project, this is a book about entrepreneurship. A book that shares about the hard work, difficulty and sacrifices that it takes to become an entrepreneur. A book about passion, dreams and motivation. I hope that in today’s session, you guys will understand more about my book and share it with your loved ones. Click here for more info, https://www.kickstarter.com/…/the-avera…

In the book, I will share the behind-the-scenes actions of an entrepreneur, the experience that I had been through and the people I have met.

As of today, our Kickstarter currently has 70 backers. It’s getting closer to our final goal of 300 backers. Therefore, please share this with your friends and family, with a small pledge of just $2 can make a great difference in this project.

Thank you everyone!
Once again, thank you for the support and I will talk to you again shortly.

Reaching Goals - Staying Persistent

Hi friends and fellow backers! Welcome back to my live stream. First of all, thank you for joining me in my stream over the past few days.

In today’s session, I intend to share more about the process in reaching your goals. Like I mentioned in my previous live stream, courage is what it takes to start your journey but it takes more than courage to finish what you started.

As we all know, most successful individuals have been through failures and face doubts from others. I always believe that you can fall a thousand times but what makes you different from an average man is that you are willing to stand back up after each failure. To me, sticking through adversity and persisting forward brings you the success you desire. Many individuals fall into the trap of others’ doubts and their impression of you. Doubts like “you won’t succeed” “you are not ready” “you can’t do it”. All these are just their perspective but it can affect you significantly if you take it close to your heart.

Always remember, our journey towards success is not solely based on our circumstances around us but based on how we make do of our circumstances. Your life is as unique as others and so you are the one in charge of how you act and reach your goals. Let me share with you how I have taken up the ownership of my own journey during my university years. And I would say this experience and process changed me into who I am today.

Process is key - Understanding Perspectives

Hi friends and fellow backers! Welcome back for yet another sharing from me about my book: The Average A.C.E.

For those of you that managed to catch my stream last night, I believe you got a glimpse of what is installed for you tonight in this session. As for those that missed my previous stream, don’t worry just click on the link in the post, you will be able to watch an encore of my entire live recording. Click here:https://www.facebook.com/andrewangsg/videos/10158658303812958/?t=5

For today, I will be sharing with you the importance of understanding different perspectives. I believe many of you would have come across this “saying” about the half-filled cup of water. I will just briefly touch on this to refresh some of your memories. When there’s a half filled cup of water, an optimistic person would look at it and say “it’s a half-filled cup of water” but for a pessimistic person they would tend to see if as a half-empty cup of water. This simply displays the significant difference in perspective.

So why am I talking about something as simple as this? I believe even teenagers are aware of this story but the question is how many people actually apply this in their lives? Not many I would say… It’s definitely easy to understand such concepts or theory behind such deep statements especially when we have GOOGLE, the all you can know website. However, understanding something and not applying it is what makes successful people stand out.

But that’s what I thought at first. Did you know that this statement also teaches us something else? It teaches us the importance of understanding different perspectives which is exactly what we will be discussing today! Many tend to look at this statement and think that this statement/story is telling us to stay positive at all times but what it truly displays is the importance of taking different angles when you view a problem. By taking different perspectives into consideration, you will not only be able to understand others but also find a better solution for the situation.

But you need to be aware that none of these great stories happen over night. Even my personal experiences are gained over years of facing obstacles and difficulties in my journey, so be prepared to encounter such moments yourself. “It takes more than a day to build an empire.” If you can stick to your dreams till the end, you will see greatness at the finishing line. Just like fitness, “endure the pain, enjoy your gains” it is as simple as that.

But to reach your destination, habit will play a major role.

With that I will end off today’s session, I hope to see you again tomorrow in my next live stream. Thank you! And bye!

Developing your integrated market plan

“A goal without a plan is just a wish” – Develop your market plan

Welcome back to yet another live stream of mine! In today’s session, I will share with you my thoughts and experiences in developing an integrated market plan.

Let’s kick this off with the most basic, fundamental strategy. Some of you might already be aware of this market strategy known as the four Ps: Product, Price, Place and Promotion. But not many know how to go about implementing it into their business. And so, I am here to share with you my personal experience.

Before I end this session, I would like to give my two cents on digitizing your business. Many businesses are falling behind in this technology era, so for those of you who want to achieve results, just keep in mind that technology is not an obstacle but a tool that can enhance your business operations. Use it wisely and you will see results.

With that, I will end off this live session with a simple quote. “Good marketing makes a company look smart, Great marketing makes the customer feel smart”. Understand the POWER OF MARKETING, amplify and maximize its effects and your business will strive.

Thank you for joining me today! I hope you learn something new in this session and do look forward to my book as it will offer you greater insight on this topic. Once again, thank you for supporting me tonight!

For more information about my book, visit www.values-led.com/our-book/

Managing your Human Resource

“Hire an attitude, not just qualification and experience”

“People are not our key assets, only the right people are our key assets”

In today’s session, I will be sharing the importance of managing your human resource. In many businesses, even for start-ups, hiring the right employees can not only boost your business productivity but also build a culture in your business. Imagine if you work with a group of negative thinking employees, it will of course affect your business in a negative way. So, it is crucial to hire people that fit in your business culture!

So how can you go about hiring the right people? I remember Bill Gates once said “You’ve got to be a really good talent scout because no matter how smart you are, you will need a team of great people”. So, let me share with you the ways of identifying the right people for your business. As a certified life coach and JobEQ human resource consultant, I will break down the 3 crucial steps in spotting the right candidates for your business.

So what comes after hiring and recruiting? It is managing. Getting the right people to join your business is hard but managing them is even harder. “Good management consists in showing average people how to do the work of superior people”. You can hire the right people but if they don’t perform the level of productivity expected, then what’s the point of hiring the right people? Therefore, it is important to create a guideline or system that helps you in managing your employees to ensure a good level of productivity and performance. For example, I created an employee handbook as a reference and guideline for my employees to understand the rules in our company. However, this handbook is not meant to be a “law”, it is only meant for reference. It is created to ensure that my employees receive sufficient support in their work and encourage them to stay productive in the long run. So what should be included in the handbook? It should consist of your business culture, values, goals, rules of engagement and objectives. With clear goals in mind, no one will be left behind on our journey towards success.

With that, I will end today’s session with a quote “Hiring is guessing, firing is knowing” (by Gary Vaynerchuk). Sometimes, hiring the wrong individual is a mistake and it might be tough for you to fire them as it will be a representation of your mistake in recruitment. However, standing up and facing your mistakes is the only way to move your business to the next level. Every employee in your business should be performing to ensure that your business is at maximize efficiency. Learning to select the right individual for a role is a must have for all entrepreneurs. Let me share a simple analogy as an engineer, if you select the wrong gear for a machine, don’t expect it to perform efficiently.

With that said, we have come to the end of today’s stream. I hope you manage to pick up one or two learning points on managing people. Do look forward to the release of my book as I will be covering more factors in regards to human resources management.

Rewards and Gratitude to our backers

I will continue to press on as any sum of money raised above $5,000 will be used to fund activities aiming for entrepreneurship or job creation activities. To thank people who have supported me over that past 6 days, I’m going to present an awesome gift which is my own invention –  to help you draft your own DIY Will complimentary. For those who funded me with at least $50, you will receive a new Li-Ning Backpack. For those who funded me with at least $1,000, I’m pleased to share that we will be onboarding a beautiful boat with a cabin for a trip outSee here for the video on the backpack and the boat.

If you want to back me in the next 24 days with Kickstarter, I will definitely look into extending this to you. I personally do not believe in using gifts to lure people, therefore I won’t be making any promises here. I certainly won’t  want to disappoint you, I will definitely personally take out my personal savings to help to support the cause of Changing lives and creating jobs. I welcome your sponsorship if you like to be part of this. Every single cent to back me will be channel for good cause, which is to create impact and to change lives, aiming to help to create more job opportunities.

I’m feeling very thankful and honored to receive an endorsement, support, and backing from you guys.

Do you know abt my new book *The Average A.C.E.*? Aim to be part of the job creation in S’pore. This video introduces you more about my initiatives and how I add value & help changing LIVES ( ** and ** ).

I aim to get 300 people to sign up for my Kickstarter crowdfunding project, can you please join me and be 1 of them?

I wanted to assure you that many people will benefit from this project like my previous Kickstarter campaign where I’ve invented a few estate planning tools including two digital tools which are mobile APP & Online DIY Auto Will. Hundreds of needy people received sponsorship to do up their Will, Lasting Power of Attorney, and Advance Medical Directive in the process.

Free WILL Maker for YOU! Thank you my backers!

As mentioned in my previous live streams, I aim to achieve a goal of 300 backers in my Kickstarter project. Some of you might wonder why did I want to achieve this goal despite having my fund fully raised in just 6 days from the launch of this campaign. Many entrepreneurs and even large businesses are suffering significant losses and having a difficult time surviving this global pandemic. Therefore, I hope that by reaching out to more audiences, I can do my part to support our local economy by which I guide and motivate more entrepreneurs to continue striving and creating more job opportunities, ultimately improving the overall economy in Singapore.

Some might question and doubt this big and unrealistic goal of mine. But to me, every small action can make a big difference to the outcome. There’s this saying which goes, “Think big, dream big, believe big and the results will be big”. If we don’t aim for the sky, we will never achieve greatness. Hence, I hope that I can earn your support in this meaningful journey which can not only benefit you but our local community as a whole.

So what’s in it for you? Simply put this in words, I hope that in exchange for your support, I can provide you with some quality services from my field of work which will act as a form of reward to show you my gratitude for your support. For those of you watching this stream right now, I would love to invite you to join me for the Auto Will Drafting service as a thank you for your backing in this campaign. This offer/reward will be given out on a first come first serve basis. Only the first 300 backers will be given this reward in addition to the rewards mentioned in the pledge amount category. So what are you waiting for? Simply go to my Kickstarter project and support me today! For those who are unclear with how to pledge on Kickstarter, you can refer to my Facebook video that summarises the 3 simple steps to pledge on the Kickstarter platform.

On top of that, I hope to further enhance my entrepreneurship sponsorship journey by running webinars to cover relevant business management topics on:

– Creating a mobile APP and create a system for your new start-up
– Human resource management system
– Finance for people without a finance background
– How to cultivate good habits to ensure balance in work, health, and family
– Applying NLP on coaching and training
– Tax filing for a business owner
– Digital marketing strategies

Some of you might have attended my previous webinars and I hope you will be looking forward to my upcoming lessons above. From the feedback I have received, most of the attendants have gained significant insights and knowledge on starting a business. Therefore, I am excited to host more of such events that can benefit you and educate more individuals/needy on entrepreneurship-related knowledge.

So, how can you show support to me? Just to be clear, there is no obligation to support me in this campaign. I am just here to create an awareness for our local entrepreneurship community while doing a small part for the society (conducting lessons for the needy). For those who are keen on supporting me or don’t know where to begin, you can support me by pledging just $2 which will go straight into the funding of this meaningful project. And for those who are already one of my backers, I sincerely hope that you can spread this message to your family, friends, and colleagues so that we can amplify the impact of this campaign.

Once again, thank you for the support and I will talk to you again shortly!

Taking the first step - Building courage within you

Hi friends and fellow backers! Thanks for tuning in on my live stream once again.

In today’s session, I will be giving you a quick glimpse of what you can expect from my book after my first sharing during yesterday’s live stream. For those of you who didn’t manage to join us in our previous session, don’t worry!
You can still view the full video by clicking on this link: https://www.facebook.com/andrewangsg/videos/10158653488102958/?t=204

Let me begin with this riddle: Five frogs are sitting on a log. Four decided to jump off. How many of them are left? Take some time to digest this riddle and keep this in mind throughout the video.

Oh and before I end off, remember the riddle I mentioned at the start? If you missed it or have forgotten, it’s about the five frogs sitting on a log. Four decided to jump off. How many are left?

Some of you might say it’s 1. Others, maybe 4? But the answer would be five. Even though they decided to jump off, have they jumped off the log yet? Your response will determine the outcome. So let that sink in…

With that, I will end off here. I hope you enjoyed the session today. And stay tuned for more content. Do remember to help spread the word about this project as we are coming to an end of our crowdfunding campaign and we are almost there with the final target of 300 backers. Once again, thank you for your support and I’ll see you again!

Thank you everyone!
Once again, thank you for the support and I will talk to you again shortly!

For more info about my book, visit www.values-led.com/our-book

Habits to let you look good and feel good

So let’s begin with a simple story…

Once upon a time, a boy named Andrew, was a nothing but a dreamer. When he was only schooling, he always dream of becoming an engineer, a teacher, a model, a writer and even a successful businessman. The problem is he has never taken any practical actions on what he wanted to become.

Until one day, when he was studying sec 4 and both his parents were unemployed for almost a year. Both of them were farmers and there was a gradual drop in the farming practices in Singapore. Andrew, who was busy playing Nintendo games and hanging out with friends, suddenly felt a sense of helplessness and uselessness in that period of time. And because of that, Andrew nearly ended his life. He underwent serious depression due to the bullying activities he was suffering in school and the stress he was facing in life.

Until one day, Andrew decided to take ownership of his life and started to make small changes to his life. By adopting ideas from motivational books, Andrew volunteered in the gym and decided to work on his diet, discipline and physical appearance. He also took up a few jobs and gained a lot of exposure to new experiences and got the opportunity to network with people from all walks of life. He then summarized the steps that he took to make such dramatic changes or so-called “turn points” in his life. And he attributed his current achievements to these three simple steps:

1. Taking ownership and working on his life attitude until there’s a change
2. Working on things within his control like self-discipline, diet and physical fitness
3. Receiving constructive feedback from the exposure he had, fine-tuning and making more changes to enhance his life journey.

And so, the morale of this story is that you must take ownership of your own attitude and cultivate the right habits until you see the changes in your life. Trust me, having the right habits will change your life significantly, be it work or your personal lifestyle.

Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Welcome back to another live stream, my friends, and fellow backers! In today’s session, I will be touching on the baby steps that you will have to take before your business can even take off. And to begin this topic, there isn’t any factor more important than having a unique selling proposition. Take this book as an example…

What are some of the unique points of my book – that separates itself from the rest?
To begin with, I would say there are quite a few points that differentiate my book from a typical entrepreneurship book in the market.

First of all, I would like to emphasize the purpose of writing this book. Unlike many other books, I started off this project with the intention to “give back”. As you would have known from my website (values-led.com), I plan on conducting lessons for the needy with the fund raised in this project. *I have selected some organizations that I will be working with to fulfill this objective.

Second, my book not only teaches you the essential and fundamental skills but also how to practically apply them in your entrepreneurship journey. Even for those who are not looking at an entrepreneurship path, the values and skills mentioned in this book can also be applied in other aspects of life.

Finally, I also incorporated my own learning journey and past experience as examples to support my points in the book. As we know, everyone experiences different situations differently, so I believe my experiences shared in this book will be one of a kind. With that being said, the mistakes I made along my journey will also be shared to help people minimize their mistakes during their entrepreneurship journey.

These are the unique points of my book. Therefore, I believe my book will offer you greater insight on entrepreneurship and the lifestyle of an entrepreneur.

Starting from the basics - Know what you are doing!

In today’s session, I will touch on the basic concepts of starting a business. I might have already covered the process of selecting your product, identifying your targeted audience and marketing your brand. However, it is also equally crucial for every business owner to understand the fundamental, essential concepts behind setting up a business.

What are the topics that fall under this category? I would say there are endless topics to be covered when it comes to starting and managing a business, from legal to financial aspects. In this live stream, I will be sharing the legal structure of a business, the formation of a business and business compliance. However, you can expect a greater coverage on these topics and many more in my book so do look forward to the release of my book!

With that being said, the list of factors doesn’t end here. There are many more factors to be considered when you start and manage your business so always seek professional help when in doubt. Alternatively, you can seek a friend who has the knowledge in this field to advise you on such matters. At the end of the day, these are factors that you will have to face and resolve to run your business smoothly. Additionally, you can expect to see a greater extent of coverage in my book where I touch on more factors that are crucial for your business from taxes to contract laws.

I hope that with today’s sharing, you have gained one or two takeaways with regards to the legal aspect of starting a business. Like I have mentioned earlier on, any doubts in this area should be clarified with a professional legal advisor. There’s a saying that goes “the only mistake you can make is not asking for help”. Always clarify when in doubt!

With that, we have come to the end of this live session, once again thank you for joining me today and I look forward to having you in my next stream.

2X more than expected! Thank you for the support!

With our Kickstarter campaign coming to an end, I have plans on rolling out a series of webinars and workshops as promised in my previous emails. I will kick off this series with a 5 day digital marketing course that will begin shortly next week. For those of you that are interested, please feel free to join us on the 4th of September. As mentioned in my Kickstarter, no fees will be charged for the course itself and this will be held exclusively for people backing this project. We are already working on a few more entrepreneurship workshops with the aim of job creation in Singapore.

On top of that, I would like to share something little, something from me to you. As I have received tremendous support from you, my fellow backers, I would like to present a token of appreciation to thank you for your kind support in my kickstarter campaign.

As we are coming near to the mooncake festival, I have prepared mooncakes for YOU, my dearest backers! These are not just ordinary mooncakes, they are mooncakes prepared and baked by the famous and reputable bakery, Yong Sheng, which is located only in Malaysia. This is NOT AVAILABLE for purchase in Singapore & we have to arrange a big truck to bring it in. With that being said, I sincerely hope that you will enjoy this little gift from me and I wish you a happy mooncake festival. However, due to the limited stock and difficulty in obtaining these delicious mooncakes, I will ONLY be able to offer backers who have pledged at least $100.

As for those who are unable to receive this gift, don’t worry! I have prepared many other rewards for you. For those that have supported me in this journey, I will be offering a simplified DIY online will-maker, a bag (Li-Ning) and the free online digital marketing course above. However, the benefits don’t just end here, I have much more installed for you. Therefore, I hope you can continue to show your support in this project and share it with your family and friends.

Thank you for the support!

With your support and recognition, we believe that we will be able to touch the burning passion of many new entrepreneurs who have yet to take the first step to purse their dreams. We hope that with this crowdfunding project, we can raise funds to fuel the dreams of new entrepreneurs and also give back to the community by conducting our entrepreneurship workshops for the needy. Any form of support will amplify the impact of this project. Therefore, we are looking forward to your support and we deeply appreciate your support and interest in our project.

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